Practical Examination

The Practical Examination is designed to test the practical application of clinical skills and judgement.

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The Practical Examination is the final step of the assessment process.


Practical Examination Dates and Venues

The first Practical Examination for 2018 will be held 23-25 March 2018 at the following venues:

  - Griffith University - Gold Coast Campus
  - Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne
  - Westmead Centre of Oral Health - Sydney
  - James Cook University - Cairns
  - Oral Health Centre of Western Australia - Perth


Eligibility to undertake the Practical Examination

Candidates applying to sit the Practical Examination must have a valid Written Examination at the closing date of the relevant examination. Please visit the Examinations Dates page to see the closing dates for 2018. Note that the closing date for an examination may differ from the end date of an application period. 

The Written Examination is valid for three years (3) years from the date that results are notified to candidates via the online Candidate Portal or the letter of notification of results.


Content and format of the Practical Examination

The Practical Examination will be held over two (2) days, and is designed to test the application of clinical skills and judgement in a simulated clinical environment.

All Public Sector Dental Workforce Scheme candidates will be required to sit the Transitional Written Examination. The two-hour Transitional Written Examination will be held on the Friday immediately prior to the weekend Practical Examination. For more details of this transitional paper please contact the ADC via email . Candidates who pass the Transitional Written Examination but fail the Practical Examination will not be required to re-sit the Transitional Written Examination at their next attempt.

Candidates will be required to complete 12 tasks from the following list, with the tasks allocated to candidates on each day of the examination. In addition, Infection Control will be assessed throughout the examination.

  • Class II amalgam or composite preparation
  • Class II amalgam restoration (on a pre-prepared tooth)
  • Class II resin composite restoration (on a pre-prepared tooth)
  • Class III resin composite preparation
  • Class IV resin composite restoration
  • Full gold crown preparation
  • Metal-ceramic (porcelain fused to metal) crown preparation
  • Fabricate a provisional crown restoration for a pre-prepared metal-ceramic (porcelain fused to metal)  crown preparation
  • Endodontic access on molar tooth
  • Take nominated radiographs on a manikin
  • Rubber dam application
  • Clinical communication. Click here   for Clinical Communication Task Scenarios
  • Dental record keeping

Dental hygiene and dental therapy candidates should refer to the Practical Examination Handbook Dental Hygiene Dental Therapy for further information regarding examination tasks. Dental hygiene and dental therapy candidates can click here for Clinical Communication Task Scenarios.


Examination Results

The results of the general dentistry Practical Examination will be published on the ADC Candidate Portal. The publishing of results onto the website will normally be done within six (6) weeks of the examination. Results will not be released by telephone, fax or email.

The results of the dental hygiene/dental therapy Practical Examination will be emailed to candidates within six (6) weeks of the examination.







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