Programs to extend scope of practice

Educational programs to extend scope (formerly known as add-on programs) are programs which can extend a dental practitioner's scope of practice. Programs to extend scope allow dental practitioners to extend their educations, training and competence in certain areas and within the division in which they are registered.

While these programs may be used as continuing professional development (CPD) their primary purpose is the learning of new foundation knowledge not obtained through a dental practitioner's initial qualification. The ADC accredits programs to extend scope of practice (ESOP) as the assigned accreditation authority by the Dental Board of Australia.

Completion of such a program will not change the registration of a dental practitioner.


Standards for ESOP programs

Providers of programs to ESOP will need to demonstrate that their program meets the ADC/DC(NZ) Accreditation Standards for Dental Practitioner programs.


Policy and process on ESOP programs

The ADC's Policy and Procedure to accredit programs to extend scope of practice is below:

ADC Policy for Accreditation of ESOP Programs

ADC Procedure for Accreditation of ESOP Programs


For further information on the application process and the associated fees please contact the ADC:

  Accreditation Section

  Australian Dental Council

  T: (+61) 3 957 1777





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