Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee (the Committee) is responsible for ensuring the best practice approach to the organisation’s assessment process. The Committee consists of representatives from the community, academia and the dental profession.

Key work of the Committee includes:

  • developing and implementing valid and reliable assessment and examination processes to determine the knowledge level and competency of internationally trained dental practitioners seeking registration in Australia
  • monitoring the performance of examinations by inter alia receiving comparative and statistical data on areas such as countries of origin, pass rates and attempt rates
  • monitoring, reviewing and evaluating examination procedures and outcomes for quality improvement.

Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee (the Committee) is responsible for advising the ADC Board of Directors and DC(NZ) of matters relating to the joint accreditation standards. It is is made up of individuals representing academia, the dental profession, the community, the public sector and dental students.

The Committee is responsible for:

  • developing, reviewing and consulting, where appropriate, on the accreditation standards for dental practitioner programs
  • assessing dental practitioner programs against the accreditation standards and criteria and providing recommendations to the respective council
  • monitoring accredited programs via annual reports, or other periodic reports, regarding the conditions of accreditation and program changes.

Finance Audit and Risk Monitoring Committee

The Finance Audit and Risk Monitoring (FARM) Committee (the Committee) is responsible for overseeing the ADC’s financial performance and compliance obligations.

The Committee is made up of three members, two current ADC directors, and an independent representative external to the ADC.

Responsibilities of the Committee include the monitoring of:

  • policies for investment and finance
  • the ADC risk management plan
  • the annual budget
  • financial reporting
  • the management of assets.