Senior Leadership Team

Narelle Mills

Narelle Mills, GAICD
Chief Executive Officer

Narelle Mills has extensive experience in the health education sector, including CEO of the Australian Physiotherapy Council. Committed to stakeholder relations, nationally and internationally, Narelle sits on a number of committees and working groups, including the International Society of Dental Regulators.

Denise Bailey

Dr Denise Bailey
Director, Assessments and Examinations

Dr Denise Bailey commenced as Director, Assessments and Examinations in November 2014. Previously working as a general dental practitioner, academic, and clinical researcher, Denise has a strong interest in assessment design and implementation.

Michael Guthrie

Michael Guthrie
Director, Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Previously the Director of Policy and Standards at the Health and Care Professions Council, Michael Guthrie has considerable experience in working with key stakeholders, including Government to assist in the development and delivery of professional regulation in healthcare, including accreditation standards and policy. 

Dianne Moore

Dianne Moore
Director, Finance and Human Resources

Dianne Moore commenced as Director, Finance and Human Resources with the ADC in September 2012. Previously she has managed the finance, human resources and administration functions of several not for profit organisations in the health and welfare sectors, including the Australian Pharmacy Council. 

Nicole Varrasso

Nicole Varrasso
Director, Corporate Services

Nicole Varrasso has extensive experience in the regulatory health sector and has considerable experience in auditing and systems implementation across a variety of not-for-profit and private organisations. Her background is in legislative compliance, regulation administration, corporate governance, process development, and auditing.