Dental practitioner assessments questions

I’m using a courier to submit my documents. What is the best address for me to use?

If you plan to use a courier to deliver your application, please contact the ADC via the contact us page for further advice. 

How do I certify my passport sized photograph?

Our Certification of documents guidelines provide further details on the correct certification of passport sized photographs. You can download a copy of the guidelines here

As per the guidelines, photographs must be certified on the back and include the following:

  • the statement "True photo of: [insert your full name]"
  • the full name of the authorised officer
  • the title of the authorised officer
  • an identification or registration number (if applicable)
  • the signature of the authorisation officer
  • the date of certification
  • contact details of the authorised officer (phone number or email address).

If the authorised officer is unable to provide the required information on one photograph, they may provide the required information across a single sheet of multiple photographs. 

It is important to note that incomplete or incorrect certifications will not be accepted and may result in delays or refusal of an application. 

I’ve changed address. Do I need to let the ADC know?

It is your responsibility to notify the ADC of any changes to your contact information.

If you have changed your contact details, notify us as soon as possible using the Notification of change of contact details form. You can download the form here

The ADC will not accept responsibility for the non-receipt of correctly addressed emails, correspondence or other communications.

For applicants living in India, Africa or the Middle East, please allow four to six weeks for mail travel to and from Australia.

Can I complete my practitioner assessment through the public sector dental workforce scheme (PSDWS)?

On 1 January 2020, the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) closed the Public Sector Dental Workforce Scheme. More information regarding the closure of the scheme is available on the DBA website

For more information on how you can complete the dental practitioner assessment process, please click here.