Initial Assessment Questions

How long will the initial assessment take?

Please allow approximately 8 weeks from the day the application is received for your application to be assessed.

If additional information or documentation is required, the initial assessment period may be extended.

Can I apply for an initial assessment of professional qualification in general dentistry, dental hygienist or dental therapist if I have not worked in the past five years?


If you have not practised in the past five years, or since graduation, you will be required to provide a signed written statement with your application, explaining the reasons why you have not worked during this period.

Do I need to provide details of my secondary education?

If you completed your secondary education in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, the USA, the Republic of Ireland, or South Africa, you will need to provide evidence of your secondary education in your application.

If you did not complete your secondary education in one of these countries, you are not required to provide this information.

When should I arrange for my certificate, or letter, of good standing to be sent to the ADC?

Your certificate, or letter, of good standing should be sent to the ADC during your initial assessment application period.

When the ADC receives this document, it will be held securely and matched with your application.

I understand I need to arrange a certificate or a letter of good standing from my registering authority as part of my application. Can I provide a certified copy of this document?


Your regional registering authority must arrange to send an original certificate or letter of good standing directly to the ADC.

This cannot be sent by you as an applicant.

I would like to sit the next written examination. What is the closing date for the initial assessment application?

An initial assessment can be completed at any time of year. However, if you would like to sit the next written examination, it is recommended you submit your initial assessment 12 weeks prior to the written examination application closing date.

This allows sufficient time for the ADC to process your application.

Will the ADC send the outcome of my assessment by email?


The ADC will email you following the assessment of your application to advise you of the outcome.

Applicants with incomplete applications will be asked to provide further information during this time.

The ADC will provide successful applicants with the paperwork required for the next stage of the assessment process. This includes your eligibility letter for the written examination.