Practical examination questions

I’ve changed address. Do I need to let the ADC know?

It is your responsibility to notify the ADC of any changes to your contact information.

If you have changed your contact details, notify us as soon as possible using the
Notification of change of contact details form

The ADC will not accept responsibility for the non-receipt of correctly addressed
emails, correspondence or other communications.

For applicants living in India, Africa or the Middle East, please allow four to six weeks
for mail travel to and from Australia.

I’ve withdrawn from my practical exam; can I reschedule my examination for another time?

No, examinations cannot be rescheduled for another time or transferred to an alternate examination date.

If you wish to sit an examination at another date, you need to withdraw from your current exam and submit a new application form and payment during the next application period.

Where can I find out more about the procedure on examination day?

The Interim practical examination handbook provides detailed information on the format and conduct of the practical examination.

What is the content of the practical examination based on?

The content of the practical examination is based on the expected competencies of a recently qualified Australian dental practitioner at the point of graduation from an ADC accredited dental program.

You can view the competencies here.

What does the practical examination assess?

The practical examination is designed to assess clinical competence and uses simulation to assess this. Practical examination tasks are designed to reflect common and/or important real-life scenarios.

Can I find out more information about the types of tasks in the practical examination?

The Interim practical examination handbook is a guide for the practical examination. It includes information regarding the conduct of the practical examination and about the type of tasks you may be expected to complete during the examination.

What happens if I am late for my examination?

You will be provided with registration times for both examination days. You should allow sufficient time to get to the examination centre in case of any transport or other delays.

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to enter a practical examination if you arrive after the start time. Late entry will be at the discretion of the convenor. No additional examination time will be granted.

Do I have to complete both days of the examination in order to pass?


To obtain a pass in the practical examination, you must achieve a pass in both days of the examination.

When will my practical examination results become available?

Practical examination results will usually be posted to the candidate portal approximately six weeks following your examination date.

I failed the practical examination. Can I apply to sit the examination again?

If you do not pass the practical examination you may apply to sit another practical examination, provided your written examination is still valid. Subject to availability.