Available practical examination place for September 2019

Available practical examination place for September 2019

5 August 2019
Dentist working

Thank you to those who have enquiried about this place. The place has now been filled. You can find out more about our next application period from Monday 29 July to Friday 9 August here

We have an available place for the practical examination on 18 and 19 September 2019.

If you are eligible to sit the practical examination and would like to apply for this place, please email your candidate reference number to [email protected]. Please find the eligibility criteria for this place below. The successful candidate will be emailed further instructions regarding the application process for this examination place. 

Eligible candidates who are unsuccessful in securing this place are strongly encouraged to submit an application for a place for practical examination places in November 2019. The application period for these examinations will close on Friday 9 August. More information about this application period is available here

The ADC is committed to keeping all candidates updated on access to examination seats, as well as important information relating to the assessment process. All candidates, regardless of their place in the assessment process, are strongly encouraged to monitor the ADC website for up-to-date information on examinations and assessments. 

For any further enquiries, please contact the ADC via the contact us page

Eligibility to apply

You are eligible to apply for this practical examination place, if you:

  • Hold a valid written examination

AND you:

  • Do not hold an existing practical examination booking, have pending practical examination results, or a pending appeal.
  • Have not sat a practical examination within three months of this examination date. 

Candidates with a pending verification, but not an appeal, who otherwise meet the above criteria, may apply for this examination place. 

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