Initial assessment renewal

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) has introduced a validity period for initial assessment applications for all dental professions.

From 1 January 2020, successful initial assessment applications for all dental professions will have a validity period of seven years. For current candidates, this validity period will be applied retrospectively to their existing completed initial assessment.

For new candidates, once your initial assessment application is assessed as complete, it will be valid for seven years from the date of completion.

Under the validity period, candidates have seven years to successfully complete the ADC dental practitioner assessment process, including the written and practical examination examinations. If a candidate does not successfully complete the process in seven years from the date of completion of their initial assessment, they will be required to renew their initial assessment in order to continue the process.

The purpose of the dental practitioner assessment process is to ensure overseas trained dental practitioners have the knowledge, judgement, clinical skills and professional competencies needed to register as a dental practitioner in Australia. The introduction of a seven year validity for an initial assessment is to ensure a candidate’s registration remains in good standing and there has been no disciplinary action against them during the validity period.

The ADC understands that candidates renewing their initial assessment may no longer hold current registration in their country. However, as part of the renewal process, candidates will be required to provide evidence from their most recent registering authority confirming the dates they last held registration and that they held good standing as a dental practitioner.

Candidates may also submit any additional work experience completed in the last seven years. 

Education documents including any further education undertaken will not be required to be submitted as part of the renewal process.

Candidates who completed an initial assessment prior to 1 January 2014

Candidates who completed their initial assessment prior to 1 January 2014, have an expired initial assessment, or an initial assessment expiring in 2020.

There is a transition process in place for these candidates. The candidates are still able to apply for relevant examinations in 2020, however, both the application for, and attendance at, those examinations (subject to approval to sit), must occur in 2020.

These candidates must act promptly if they wish to continue their involvement in the ADC dental practitioner assessment process beyond 2020, by renewing their initial assessment by 31 December 2020.

Candidates who completed an initial assessment from 1 January 2014 onwards

Candidates who completed their initial assessment on or after 1 January 2014 have initial assessments expiring from 2021 onward. The transitional period does not apply to these candidates.

If a candidate wishes to continue the ADC dental practitioner assessment process, they must apply for renewal of their initial assessment before their initial assessment expires, or complete the assessment process.

A summary of the candidate groups is also available in the table below.

Candidates applying for written and practical examinations

Candidates wishing to apply for a written or practical examination must have a valid initial assessment at the time of the examination application period AND the examination date.

If a candidate has a renewal application in progress, the renewal must be assessed as complete before to the application period for that examination.

Return of documents

Candidates who submitted original documents with their initial application may request to have their documents returned. Administrative and postage fees apply.

The ADC will not return certified copies of documents from expired applications.

Renewing an initial assessment

To renew an initial assessment, candidates are required to complete and submit a Application for renewal of initial assessment of overseas qualified dental practitioner form, along with the supporting documents listed in the application form and the renewal fee. The renewal form is available for download here.

The fee for renewal of an initial assessment is $250.00AUD.

Renewal applications will only be accepted via post or in person. Renewals will not be accepted via email.

Candidates may email their intent to renew, however a renewal will not be accepted until an application has been received at the ADC. The renewal form must be received by the ADC before the initial assessment expiration date.

Once a renewal application has been assessed as complete, an applicant will have seven years to complete the ADC dental practitioner assessment process from the date the renewal has been assessed as complete.