An assessor is a member of an Accreditation Team who assists in the evaluation of programs undergoing the accreditation process. They are dental practitioners with extensive experience as a clinician, academic, or a combination of each.

The ADC maintains a register of suitably experienced and skilled assessors and draws from this register to create the Accreditation Team for each accreditation review. As part of their appointment to the register, each assessor is required to apply in accordance with the Policy on assessor criteria and appointment of Site Evaluation Teams.

An overview of the accreditation process for assessors is outlined in the diagram below. 

Accreditation process_SET_edited for web.png


To ensure accredited programs are reviewed in a consistent manner, all assessors are required to undergo training conducted by the ADC.

This training is provided to all assessors and is completed in two stages:

Stage one outlines the role of accreditation and explains how to assess a program.
Stage two focuses on the site visit and how it is conducted. 

During the accreditation process, stage one slides are provided to all assessors in conjunction with the submission from the education provider. The Accreditation Team, along with a staff member from the ADC secretariat, undertakes stage two training the day before the accreditation visit.

In addition to the assessor training, the ADC, in conjunction with the DC(NZ), has developed an Accreditation Manual for Assessors.

This manual provides guidance to assessors during the review of programs for the purpose of accreditation. Assessors are asked to familiarise themselves with the content included in the manual to ensure a consistent approach to the accreditation process.