Process for specialist programs


The ADC has developed specific guidance for education providers offering programs enabling graduates to apply for registration as a specialist dentist.

The ADC/DC(NZ) guidelines for the review of specialist dental practitioner programs are available here

The specialist program guidelines:

  • explain how assessors are chosen to review specialist programs
  • explain that at least one, but no more than two specialist practitioners from the relevant specialty will be appointed to review a specialist dental program
  • explain how multiple specialist programs can be reviewed at the same time
  • give an example of the schedule for a site visit.

The specialist program guidelines were reviewed in 2019 incorporating feedback from education providers, assessors and specialist academies and societies. 

The revised guidelines increase the transparency of the process and explain clearly how the ADC reviews specialist programs with the input and expertise of dental specialists.

The specialist program guidelines expand on the processes detailed in the ADC accreditation guidelines for dental practitioner programs (the Guidelines). These guidelines can be viewed here