Professional competencies review

In 2021 the Australian Dental Council is reviewing the Professional competencies of the newly qualified dental practitioner (the Competencies). The last review of the Competencies was completed in 2015 and 2016.

Working in consultation with the Australian dental professions, the ADC has developed the professional competencies of a newly qualified dental practitioner. The ADC publishes the competencies for each of the five divisions of dental practitioner recognised in Australia for general registration. This includes:

The Competencies are reference points for the dental professions. The ADC uses them in its accreditation functions, including:

  • The assessment of overseas qualified dental practitioners seeking to register and practice in Australia.
  • The accreditation of dental education programs enabling graduates to apply for registration to practice in Australia.

The review of the Competencies ensures they reflect broader societal and regulatory changes. It also ensures the Competencies remain contemporary benchmarks of what is expected of new dental practitioners in Australia.

For the Competencies to reflect what it means to be a newly qualified dental practitioner, it is important for representatives from the dental professions and dental consumers to be involved in the review process. An Advisory Committee has been established to review the Competencies, with broad membership from the dental professions, regulators, consumers, and employers, to inform the review process and consider changes that may be proposed to the Competencies.

Consultation on any proposed changes to the Competencies will occur later in 2021.

The ADC is committed to keeping you up-to-date on our progress throughout the review. As the review progresses, we will provide updates via our website, LinkedIn page, and e-newsletter.

Share your thoughts on the Competencies

In May 2021, the ADC asked for feedback on the Professional competencies of the newly qualified dental practitioner.

The Review of the Professional competencies of the newly qualified dental practitioner: Stakeholder feedback survey paper provided an overview of the areas where changes may be made. It also provided an overview of the questions we asked to inform the review process.

A summary of this feedback is being created and will be shared later in 2021. The Competencies review advisory committee will use this feedback to inform its work throughout the review.