The ADC presents on the benefits of outcomes focused accreditation at IADR General Session

The ADC presents on the benefits of outcomes focused accreditation at IADR General Session

1 July 2019
Narelle Mills presents at IADR

Working to raise the profile of outcomes focused accreditation across the international dental sector, the Australian Dental Council (ADC) attended the 2019 International Association for Dental Research (IADR) General Session in Vancouver on 19 to 22 June. 

As part of the ADC’s attendance, Chief Executive Officer, Ms Narelle Mills, presented at the event’s Outcome based dental education: why, how and is it right? symposium held on 21 June. 

Internationally, accrediting bodies are working to incorporate an outcomes focused approach to their accreditation standards. In turn, education and training providers adopt these standards as a framework in the development of new curricula. 

Featuring representatives from the American Dental Education Association (ADEA), the Association for Dental Education Europe (ADEE), King’s College London Dental Institute and the ADC, the symposium provided an overview of how outcomes focused accreditation is perceived by the dental sector, as well as examples of how international dental educators and accreditation authorities, including the ADC, have applied outcomes based approaches to dental practitioner programs. 

“For the ADC, outcomes focused accreditation has a number of benefits, not only for education and training providers, but for the dental sector overall. Moving away from a prescriptive set of Standards promotes innovation and quality improvement, enables variability between providers, and allows providers to deliver programs aligning with the needs of the communities within which they work.” 

“In Australia, the applicability of this outcomes focused approach extends beyond dentistry, with the model adopted by a range of professional bodies, including psychology, physiotherapy and optometry. By taking part in this symposium, we demonstrated how this approach benefits the sector without compromising on public safety,” said Ms Mills.

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From left to right.  Narelle Mills (ADC), Lamont MacNeil (ADEA), Stephanie Tubert-Jeannin (ADEE), Barry Quinn (King’s College), James Field (University of Sheffield), Adam Hasan (King’s College London Dental Institute)
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