September 2020 written examination results now available

September 2020 written examination results now available

4 November 2020
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Results for the September 2020 general dentistry written examination are now available via the Candidate Portal.

You can access the Candidate Portal here. To log in, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Your reference number: Z--/----- (Your ID must include 5 digits to the right of the ‘/'. IDs with less than 5 digits to the right of the '/' must be preceded with leading zeros; e.g. Z00/000 = Z00/00000)
  • Your date of birth

An application period for candidates who have successfully passed the September 2020 written examination will open 15 March 2021.

Further information regarding the application period, eligibility requirements and associated practical examination dates is available here.

If you are eligible for a place during this application period but decide not to apply, there will be other opportunities, however the ADC cannot advise when these will be at this time.

You can find out more information about the practical examination process here.

The ADC is committed to keeping all candidates updated on access to examination seats, as well as important information relating to the assessment process. All candidates, regardless of their place in the assessment process, are strongly encouraged to monitor the ADC website for up-to-date information on examinations and assessments.

For further information, please visit the ADC website, or contact the ADC via the contact us page.

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