The Accreditation Standards: why are they important?

The Accreditation Standards: why are they important?

31 October 2019
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The Australian Dental Council (ADC)/Dental Council (New Zealand) (DC(NZ)) Accreditation standards for dental practitioner programs (the Standards) play a central role in the accreditation process of Australian and New Zealand dental practitioner programs. 

Underpinning the process, the Standards are used to assess and accredit programs which enable graduates to apply for registration as dental practitioners in Australia. They outline what an education provider needs to have in place in order to deliver high quality dental education and training. 

The process aims to protect the public by ensuring graduates of accredited education and training programs demonstrate they have the skills, knowledge and professional competencies needed to register as dental practitioners in Australia. 

The Standards can be viewed here

The ADC and DC(NZ) are currently reviewing the Standards to ensure they are in-line with contemporary benchmarks and expectations, while focusing on public safety. To learn more about the Accreditation Standards Review click here.

Learn more about the Standards and their importance in ensuring public safety in the video below. 


Accreditation Standards Review