Dental practitioner assessments


You can apply for the Australian Dental Council (ADC) assessment process if:

  1. you are an overseas qualified dental practitioner wanting to register to practise as a dental practitioner with the Dental Board of Australia (DBA), and/or
  2. you require a skills assessment for your Australian visa application. 

Registration as a dental professional in Australia

All dental practitioners must register with the DBA to practise in Australia. Not all overseas qualified dental practitioners need to complete the ADC assessment process.

If you are an overseas qualified dental practitioner, who wants to register with the DBA you should visit the DBA’s website for more information.

The DBA’s General registration for overseas qualified dental practitioners registration standard outlines the pathways available for overseas qualified dental practitioners who wish to practise in Australia.

Under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009, the ADC is the independent authority assigned the accreditation functions for the dental professions by the DBA.

The ADC is responsible for assessing the professional qualities, knowledge, judgement and clinical skills of overseas dental practitioners (excluding dental specialists), to determine their eligibility to apply for registration with the DBA to practise in Australia.

Migrating to Australia

The ADC is also authorised by the Australian Department of Home Affairs as the assessing authority for:

  • overseas qualified dentists
  • overseas residents who have gained an Australian dental qualification

who require a skills assessment as part of an Australian visa application. 

If you are a dentist intending to migrate to Australia, you should contact the Australian Department of Home Affairs to determine if a skills assessment is a requirement of your visa application. 

Dental practitioner assessment for registration

Overseas qualified dental practitioners wanting to register to practise with the DBA, who are required to complete the ADC assessment, must complete the three-stage assessment process.

1.  Initial assessment  

A paper-based qualification and documentation assessment. 

2.  Written examination 

A multi-choice question examination of knowledge and the clinical application of knowledge. 

3.  Practical examination 

A two-day simulation-based examination assessing technical and clinical skills. 


Candidates must successfully complete each stage of the assessment process before being eligible to apply for the next stage. 



Dental hygienist or dental therapist

Dental prosthetist

Skills assessments

Skills assessments for dentists and dental specialists can be obtained by completing the ADC Initial assessment of professional qualification in general dentistry

Skills assessments for overseas trained dental prosthetists are completed by Trades Recognition Australia.

1. Skills assessmentDentist

Dental Specialist

Assessment fees

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Item Fee
Application for Initial Assessment of Professional Qualification in General Dentistry $610
Written examination $2,000
Practical examination $4,500
Dental hygienist, dental therapist, oral health therapist, and dental prosthetist 
Application for Initial Assessment of Professional Qualification in General Dentistry $610
Written examination $1,350
Practical examination $3,150